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Dão Wine and Olive Oil by Alfredo Martins

Alfredo Martins

When Alfredo’s father handed down his plots of old vines in the sous-terroir of Silgueiros in the Dão region of Portugal, Alfredo began producing his own wine in his homeland and created Quinta dos Talhos.

Alfredo continues to perpetuate tradition by focusing on artisanal production and the finest quality.

Olives are carefully selected and pressed in a traditional press, resulting in an extra virgin olive oil with rich aromas and a balanced palate.

Grapes are pampered until maturity, then pressed naturally, producing unique wines which reflect the exceptional land of Dão.

Alfredo is firmly committed to using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices which produce authentic products that embody the essence of the region.

Alfredo’s passion and savoir-faire is concentrated into each drop of olive oil and each glass of wine from Quinta dos Talhos.

Alfredo Martins in his Quinta Dos Talhos
Quinta do Talhos - Dão - Portugal

An expression of the land

The wines from this region—named by some as the Portuguese Bourgogne—are known for their elegance, freshness and structure. While reds are characterised by fine-grained tannins, whites are mineral and vibrant.

Alfredo is committed to preserving the authentic expression of this land by using eco-friendly winegrowing processes, in which the hands of men play a vital role, and traditional winemaking methods, enabling the true character of the land to be expressed in his wines.

Colheita Branco

A white wine which comes from the old vines of Alfredo’s father. A blend of five grape varieties which are assembled without no added sulfites.

A natural wine which expresses the true character of the grapes and its terroir.

Colheita Tinto

A red wine which Alfredo produces in his granite lagar (tank). Predominantly Jaen assembled with Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz.

A natural wine which expresses the trued character of the grapes and its terroir.

Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Discover our Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced using traditional methods in Quinta dos Talhos, located in the heart of the Dão region of Portugal.

This exceptional oil is produced using eco-responsible and artisanal techniques to bring out the unique qualities of the finest local olives.

Hand-picked at optimum maturity, the olives are then pressed in a traditional press to preserve their unique aromas and nutritional benefits.

The result is a golden-hued premium olive oil with a fruity and balanced character, rich in natural antioxidants.

Strongly committed to sustainable farming, Quinta dos Talhos only uses processes that respect the environment. It does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

A key ingredient in all CDP dishes, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available in a 50cl bottle for €14.50. Treat yourself to the unique and authentic taste of Quinta dos Talhos.

Quinta Dos Talhos Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Dão in Portugal